Unforgettable Echoes in the Heart [Archives:2003/624/Education]

February 24 2003

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How do I tell you I 'm really moved ?
With a gesture ?, a look ?, or a touch?
How is it that I never realized
I loved you so very much?
Three months for ever have passed
To bring us to this day
When I come out with these words
I never thought I'd have to say.
Those months have enriched me remarkably
They have really made me wise.
The day I met you
I found many a friend
And friendship that
I know will never end.
Oh dears,
Forgetting you is just impossible
Why? Why?
One may ask or think:
Teachers and learners have an eternal bond
All of you were and still are a part of my being
A better person, indeed, you all made me
Thus thankful I am to all of you.
Yes .
Good bye is so hard to say
But I am leaving a piece of me with each of you.
It seems to be over , but it is not so
My love for you will ever be there
Like footprints on the sands of time
And whenever you look inside
you will find me there smiling for
your brilliant start …
Remember the days we were together
May come back again
And give us the strength
To look at the future
From a past
That is ever Present .
Dedicated with love and best wishes to my first year students , Lab.