UNHCR’s “Protection and Emergency” Workshop [Archives:1999/07/Local News]

February 15 1999

The United Nation High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), in coordination with the ministry of foreign affairs, is organizing a workshop, under the title “Protection and Emergency,” at Nashwan Hotel in Aden, during 13 – 17 Feb. 1999. Forty five trainees from the ministry of interior, the ministry of foreign affairs, the ministry of planing, and NGOs representatives will participate in the workshop. Mr. Abdul-Karim Al-gaol Head of the Legal Advisors at the UNHCR office in Geneva will be the guest lecturer, along with Mr. Nabel Mosa from the UNHCR office in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Mazen Abo-Shanab from Aden UNHCR office, and Mr. Nabel Otman Field Program Officer. The workshop will highlight issues such as: Who is a refugee? How to control emergency conditions, and provide International protection for refugees? as well as other important subjects concerning refugees e.g., relief, development, and human rights.