UNICEF Aims to Eliminate Iron Deficiency by Adding Iron to Imported Wheat [Archives:1999/25/Local News]

June 21 1999

A letter of understanding between UNICEF and Red Sea Mills with Iron and Folic Acid was signed on Wednesday, June 16. Most of the women and children in Yemen are suffering from iron deficiency anemia, which is a major threat to the health of children and women especially during pregnancy and lactation. UNICEF will facilitate the free provision of an International Technical Expert on Wheat flour fortification, from the Micronutrient Initiative, based in Canada. He will assist the Red Sea Mills in identifying the proportions of micronutrient multimix, and feeder, and will assist in contacting suppliers. The expert will also conduct on-site training of staff on quality control. It is worth noting that Red Sea Flour Mills is the third largest flour producing company in the world with a production capacity of 2000 tons of flour per day. Mr. Habib Hammam, the Representative of UNICEF in Yemen, and Mohammed A. Hajer, GM of Red Sea Flour Mills-Hodeidah, signed the letter of understanding. This initiative is one example of successful cooperation between UNICEF and private sector in Yemen.