UNICEF extends relief to landslide-hit village [Archives:2006/909/Local News]

January 5 2006

Yasser Al-Mayasi
SANA'A, Jan. 2 ) As part of its response to authorities to cope effectively with distributing essential supplies, a UNICEF team, headed by country representative Ramesh Shrestha, visited Al-Dhafir village Monday.

During the visit, the UNICEF team met with the governor of Sana'a and district authorities to assess the situation and provide urgent relief to children temporarily sheltered in makeshift camps.

UNICEF provided in-kind aid to displaced families in Al-Dhafir, which was hit by a landslide last week. Relief packages included 22 medium-sized containers for safe drinking water storage, 440 blankets, 220 Jerry cans, 110 kitchen kits, 110 gas cylinders and winter clothes for women and children sheltered in camps on Al-Dhafir's periphery.

Relief items were distributed by local authorities and relief committees in conjunction with non-governmental organizations.

Naseem Al-Rahman, Director of UNICEF Information Communication Programs, said aid was delivered to the Yemeni Red Crescent Association, which is responsible for distributing relief to affected villagers.

In his visit to the area, Al-Rahman presented his heartfelt condolences to displaced families of the landslide-hit village.

For his part, Shrestha emphasized the need to provide essential supplies without losing any time, providing urgent support to families who have yet to recover from the shocks the landslide caused the village.

He noted that women's and children's needs should be given priority attention by the government, development partners and community leaders. “Our visit is intended to create renewed attention to the plight of children and families displaced by the catastrophe,” he added.