Unidentified men kill MP [Archives:2005/853/Front Page]

June 23 2005

SANA'A- June 22- Mohammad Mujahid Shamar a MP and a member of the Public Health Committee at the Parliament was killed on Wednesday by unidentified men.

Shamar, one of the prominent People's General Congress leaders, won the parliamentary election to be the representative of Constituency No. 199, Dhamar Governorate.

While driving his car in Haddah, south of the capital, the victim was shot dead by anonymous men.

A security source at the Ministry of Interior mentioned that it was at midnight when unidentified men on board a car opened fire on Shamar's car leaving the MP dead.

The security source ascertained the police arrested two people suspected of being involved in the murder of Shamar, one of them is from Bani Matar and the other from al-Hada, Dhamar.

The Parliament decided to form a 5-memnber committee to investigate the motives behind the terrible murder of Shamar.

Mohammad Mujahid Shamar had a diploma in pharmacology and bachelor degree in business administration, and is the owner of Dar al-Shifa Hospital in Dhamar.