UNIFEM Post-Beijing Follow-up Operations, Phase II [Archives:1999/34/Local News]

August 23 1999

Aiming at developing the administrative skills as well as analyzing the gender role in society, the UNIFEM, in cooperation with the National Committee for Women, organized a three-day training course for 60 participants from the Yemeni governorates. The course aimed at developing the administrative skills of the secretaries of the non-governmental organizations whose concern is to follow up post-Beijing operations as well as providing the participants with the practical administrative equipment. It also aimed at the formation, execution and evaluation of the development projects and adding concepts of gender to these projects. Aamal Al-Basha, head of the project, said that the participants are now able to:
* Understand the administrative work and its elements.
* Understand and take advantage of development projects.
In addition, the course also discussed the following topics:
1- The administrative work and its elements.
2- The planing period
3- Directions and Decision Making
4- The Supervision Machinery
5- Planning for Development Projects
6- The gender concepts in the steps of the development projects’ planning
7- Writing Reports
During the course, the participants were divided into work groups to practice the steps of the development project planning under the supervision of Aamal Al-Basha and Dr. Haifaa Abu Ghazala, the UNIFEM consultant for West Asia. ” This course is one of the activities of the Post-Beijing Follow-up Operations, Phase II. The UNIFEM has formed a regional project in Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine to follow up post-Beijing operations. In the period between 97-98, the UNIEEM, in cooperation with the National Committee for Women in Yemen, formed a number of national plans and strategies out of the international work plan. The second step which has been initiated this year lasts for five years and it focuses on the constitutional development of women”, said Dr. Haifaa Abu Ghazalh. “We are now preparing for the 5-Year-Post-Beijing Meeting which will be held in March, 2000. Delegations from all over the world that attended Beijing Forth Conference and committed themselves to the constitutional development of women as well as the following up of the Post-Beijing operations will attend the 2000 meeting to evaluate the first phase as well as see what is to be done in the upcoming millennium”, continued Abu Ghazala. Abu Ghazalh expressed her happiness for the orders given by the Prime Minister to the official organizations to make general administrative departments for women and regarded it as a leading step in the Arab world. She also hoped that the National Committee for Women will be able to cooperate with this national machinery in order to develop itself. At the end of the course, all the participants appreciated the role Dr. Shireen, the project regional manager and a teacher in the course, played to make the course a success.
Ahlam Al-Mutawakel
Yeme Times