Union gives its voice in alleviating poverty [Archives:2004/706/Community]

January 26 2004

By Fahmia Al-Fotih
For The Yemen Times

Under the auspices of Abdualaziz Abdualghani, the head of al-Shura Council, the General Federation of Workers Trade Unions of Yemen (GFWTUY) along with the International Confederation of Free Trade (ICFT) recently organized in the GFWTUY headquarter a three-day symposium on the role of GFWTUY in alleviating poverty.
Along with Abdualghani, Dr. Khalid AL-Sheik, the minister of industry and commerce, Ahmed Al-kahlani, state minister-Capital general secretary, Yahya Al-kahlani, the head of GFWTUY, Dr. Mohsen Bin Al-Shaibani, ICFT representative, along with a number of republic union members attended and participated in the symposium.
Yahya Al-Kahlani, delivered a welcoming speech specified the aims of the symposium and showed the aspects of cooperation between GFWTUY and the government and the ICFT on the other side.
He further noted the importance of discussing the topic of poverty and the union's role and interest in fighting it in all society.
Dr. Al-Shaibani greeted all union members for their extensive efforts and displayed the key role of ICFT in tackling and discussing the social and developmental issues for the sake of all works around the world.
He also noted a number of essential structures for appropriately managing the union that was considered the symposium project.
He called to have pressure on the international authorities and institutions to enlist the social dimensions and the aspects of work standards in the international economic policies.
Al-Shaibani further called for a wide participation of GFWTUY in dictate and follows the implementation of the National Strategy in fighting poverty in Yemen.
Mohammed Bamoslem, of the deputy Labor Affairs office, also delivered a speech in which he stressed on the importance of taking care of poor classes as poverty is one of the reasons that lead to terrorism.
He also said that the ministry adopts a number of projects such as the social insurance and gives a various studies and projects to diagnose the poverty cases and how to face them as well as the relationship between the government, workers and the workowners.
Abdualaziz Abdualghani also noted in his speech that Al-Shura Council has great interest in fighting the poverty.
He called for all citizens to stand together to face this problem as well as the need of cooperation between the government and sivic organizations to define poverty' jeopardizes and its kinds and the ways of fighting it as well.
Through the three days of the symposium, seven working papers presented and discussed.
The participants came out with a number of important recommendations.