Unionist Nasserite Organization Holds Symposium on Gaza Pullout [Archives:2005/894/Local News]

November 14 2005

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SANA'A – Oct. 30- The Unionist Nasserite organization held a symposium on Saturday entitled 'The facts of the Israeli pull out and the normalization calls.' It was attended by a number of notable personalities and party leaders. The Palestinian ambassador in Yemen Mr. Khalid Sheikh and a number of Palestinian faction representatives also participated. Engineer Hatim Abu Hatim, head of the committee for normalization resistance also participated.

There was a consensus that the pull out of Gaza is due to the Palestinian resistance, which put Ariel Sharon in a position that made him consider a pull out and not redeployment as he alleges.

Former Hamas representative, Munir Saeed said that Israel is ideologically dismantled. This made it make arbitrary decisions which embarrassed Israeli alliances. Munir said that resistance will continue, as long as there is a Zionist presence in the Palestinian territories. Munir called on the Arab world to resist normalization and to boycott Israel financially, socially and politically.

The Palestinian ambassador described the Palestinian struggle as a legend that will never die. He added that the disarmament of Palestinian factions is not acceptable by the Palestinian Authority. He said that the authority is aiming at regulating the carrying of arms. All that the Palestinian Authority is against is the armed demonstrations. Khalid said that Oslo treaty is dead and it is impossible to return to it again. He said it is time to concentrate on the new initiatives. Khalid also stated that the military and political methods are the basis for victory. The ambassador added that the Palestinian Authority is exerting efforts to end the Israeli- Palestinian conflict. He said that the Authority's decisions are not due to external pressure. He described them as political tactics.

He said that Hamas must participate in the next elections as a sign for national consolidation.

Abdulraheem Haik secretary of the Palestinian group Fatah, in an answer to a question the normalization of some countries said that, it is the responsibility of these countries and that the Palestinian president does not interfere with the sovereignty of other states. Alhail called for the return to King Abdullah initiative in Beirut.

Mohamed Rajab, representative of the Popular Front in Sana'a considered the Israeli pull out a Palestinian achievement. He said it is the beginning of a retreat from the Israeli project of a establishing a Zionist state from the Nile to the Euphrates. He highlighted the other side of the problem which is the Israeli Security wall and the settlement expansion in Jerusalem or so called territory E. He also pointed to Sharon's efforts to draw a wedge between the Palestinian factions.

Rajab demanded that all the Palestinian factions should concentrate on national unity and the revival of Palestinian Liberation Organization because it is a basis for resistance. He also called for Palestinians to care for investment because it supports resistance. He confirmed the importance of controlling the sector crossings and to build a national economy for equilibrium between the private and public sectors.

He called for an active Arabic participation to resolve the Arab Palestinian conflict.

Engineer Abu Hatim, head of the normalization resistance committee, pointed to the threat of normalization and the Israeli plan to penetrate into the Arab depth. Abu Hatim held the same Arab authorities accountable for normalization.

There were a number of participations from party leaders that gave liveliness to the debate. The all confirmed that rights might well be lost and that peace that could not be defended is mere capitulation.