University teachers’ widows protest [Archives:2007/1078/Local News]

August 20 2007

SANA'A, Aug. 16 – About twenty to thirty widows of the Sana'a university teachers had a sit-in last Tuesday at the General Administration of the University complaining that the university had transferred the salaries of the passed-away teachers to the General Authority for Insurance and Salaries without adding the years of service in the university registers, which is available in the files of the academic and administrational affairs, and without having accommodation allowances.

The widows complained also that they weren't included in the increase which reached %70 as the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Saleh Basurah announced in the university magazine though the decision was issued while the passed-away were alive and had received the first premium of the increase. Therefore, the General Authority for Insurance and Salaries registered the data of the passed-away in accordance with the information provided by the University. Consequently, many of the families of the passed-away were harmed because they were not granted the increase in the salary of their deceased's salaries.

The widows of the passed-away teachers protested that the University sufficed to inform them about the transmission of the salaries by hanging an announcement on the walls of the university campus after one year while they should inform them by an announcement in a newspaper and on time.

For the accommodation, the widows complained that many families of the passed-away teachers live outside the university hostel and don't receive any accommodation allowances though they used to receive them before the transmission. But, now they are deprived of those allowances.

According to the decision No. 520, item No. 16, the General administration and the Academic Affairs at the university has to follow up the Ministry of Civil Service and the General Authority for Insurance and Salaries to do the required procedures for the settlement of the deceased and to start those settlements at the date of transmission.

The item No. 17 in the same decision states that the lists of the passed-away should be sent to the General Authority after finalizing the settlements. According to the agreement with the General Authority for Insurance and Salaries which stipulated that the years of service are to be added and to be accredited to the settlement from the date of transmission and not from the date of death. Further, the item states that they should also be given the rights and increases that weren't given to them before the settlement.

For the accommodation, the law stipulates that the widow of the staff member should stay in the hostel till she dies or gets married. Also, the accommodation allowances should be given to the families of the passed-away constantly till the widow dies or gets married.