University Teaching Staff on Strike [Archives:2001/40/Local News]

October 1 2001

The university teaching staff members continue their strike for the second week running demanding the promised rise in their salaries and issuing their cadre. The teaching staff will probably submit their demands to the Parliament, non-governmental organizations, the International Union for Arab Laborers and the Arab Union for Education to support their legal rights. This strike is just the last in a series of strikes, as each new year the teaching staff go on strike because of financial matters.
The teaching staff syndicate of Sana’a indicated Saturday that an open strike for all the members will go on till the government fulfills its pledges, issues their cadre, and raises their salaries beginning in 2002. The syndicate said in a press conference that the Prime Minister gave his orders latest May to form a committee to discuss the draft cadre of the teaching staff in Yemeni universities. The Ministers of Higher Education, Civil Service, and Finance came to a halt and did not hold even a single meeting. A statement released by the teaching staff syndicate said that the strike will stall all teaching, administrative, and technical work of teaching staff. Work at educational hospitals and labs will stop. The syndicate said that all its members will attend the university everyday but will not work. Stiff measures will be taken against those who do not go on strike, according to the syndicate. The program of the strike includes other activities like conducting issues relating to university education and Yemen’s economic, security social and political concerns. The syndicate urged Arab and foreign members of the teaching staff to respect the open strike and stop teaching. They will also stage massive demonstrations in front of the Parliament and Shura Council to explain their problem. They also stressed that they will meet the president and explain to him the government reiteration to fulfill its promises. The government so far has not paid any attention to their strike.