Unveiled Secrets in Adam’s Case [Archives:2001/08/Local News]

February 19 2001

Some question marks and missing links are still punctuating the case of the Medicine College morgue serial killings for which Mohammed Adam Omar, a Sudanese national, was convicted.
Unofficial yet reliable sources have revealed recently that the German experts who conducted the autopsies in the morgue, have spoken out against the report that they themselves gave to the court. The experts said that their report was full of lapses and mistaken information about the case and that they did not check all parts of the corpses in the morgue as they were influenced by a high ranking government official. They revealed that the official visited Germany under the pretext of a medical check-up and told them to restrict their examinations to the corpses of Zainab Suad Aziz, an Iraqi national, and Husen Attya, a Yemeni national and not to reveal any other information. This is why they misreported the case to the court.
The sources also added that the experts are ready to appear before any court and reveal all secrets of the morgue case and how it was misdirected.
The final report of the German experts did not give exact information about the date of Zainab’s death or about the inconsistency between the head of Husen and the body it was attached to. If the experts give their testimony in this regard, this will give the case a new dimension that may reveal the exact number of killings and the extent of Adam’s complicity. Adam admitted in the beginning that he raped and killed 16 girls and he was sentenced to death on December, 19, 2000. But the verdict was appealed.