Up-to-date Equipment in Al-Thawra Hospital [Archives:1999/24/Local News]

June 14 1999

The Ministry of Health inaugurated a number of sections to enhance Al-Thawra hospital and celebrated the ninth anniversary of the national unity.
On June 9, 1999 Dr. Abdulla Abdul Wali Nasher the Minister of Health inaugurated various equipment, including a kidney lavage and endoscope, to be operated in Al-Thawra hospital in order to enhance its performance. Al-Thawra hospital possess very sophisticated devices which will enhance the services at the hospital. He has also inaugurated the fourth floor, which has been furnished to international scientific standards. The Minister of Health expressed his satisfaction over the inauguration. These current improvements in the hospital are in hopes of matching the best hospitals in the middle east. These achievements would encourage people to have themselves treated inside the country rather than traveling abroad.
The minister praised the efforts of the doctors and employees, and celebrated the graduation of the trainees in the laboratory field at the hospital. Certificates were given to the trainees in this discipline who had passed their tests. Dr. Abdul Nasser Munebari has achieved a lot for this hospital in this short period, despite the expectation of many people in the same field.
Sources also indicate that Al-Thawra Hospital is being prepared to have Internet access very soon.