Upcoming stage is dedicated to combating corruption, Al-Hitar says [Archives:2007/1047/Local News]

May 3 2007

ADEN, May 2 ) Minister of Endowment and Guidance Hamoud Al-Hitar confirmed that his ministry will focus on highlighting combat against corruption. It also will introduce the ideal people in terms of hard work and morals in the ministry. In addition, it will eliminate the negative image of the ministry's staff.

His statement came during the extended meeting of the Ministry's officials and general directors in all governorates to discuss the tasks of the ministry in the coming stage and the role it should play to improve its performance.

“Work in the Ministry of Endowment and Guidance represents a noble mission and honesty. Hence, such mission should be performed and directed properly. We should also keep and invest the ministry's finance and spend it on the right and required purposes” he said, pointing out that finance and properties of the ministry have become subject to misuse and corruption by a lot of people together with officials in the ministry who seized those properties and misdirected them away from their charitable purposes.

Al-Hitar warned against lack of trust between people the ministry's officials as a result of misuse of its properties, stressing that all the ministry's officials and staffers should be ideal so that they can regain the people's trust. He further confirmed that the ministry should develop its mechanism of investment and move from the classical to the modern way of investment which guarantees good management and exploitation of the ministry's properties.

In addition, Al-Hitar emphasized the role that preachers of mosques should play in this regard, indicating that mosques should be away from any partisan conflicts so that people can be sure that mosques are a property of all. ” Preachers should get rid of any sectarian, ethnical, tribal, racial, or partisan impacts and those who are unable to act so should leave the mosques' platforms and leave the room for others to play this noble role”, he pointed out.