Urgent kiss [Archives:2008/1155/Community]

May 15 2008

By: Mohammed Al-Kaladi
Demonstrator at Faculty of
Education, Rada'a- Dhamar University
[email protected]

Many hours had passed and still she moved to and fro about her room, during which time her complexion had changed hundreds of times. She had looked in the mirror 23 times – the same number as her age – which she had lived without conducting any of the actions of life. Her freedom was like a bank loan with double interest. She had the heart and wings of a bird and she tried many times to fly, but all of the windows of her reality were perfectly closed. She remembered the myth about an eagle that didn't know flying during its life, but when was thrown from the top of a hill, its instinct broke out and it flew before its body touched ground. Then she had an idea. She got a pen and a sheet of paper and began to write something like a letter:

“How warm is my life with you, but I'm torn. How angelic you are, but I have thousands of devils inside my soul. Because I am a woman pursued by feelings of a wolf and because they taught me how to sell you my freedom, whoever you are and whatever the information on your ID, I try to be frank, but I always find myself falling into a cave. Then, once again, I find myself hugging you and my confession takes the form of an urgent kiss. I feel more and more depressed when you don't understand it. I always try to speak a word of excuse. It always comes out like this: 'I love you so much.' O, my pure man, I'm here to give you the chance to discover what's going on inside me. Don't be angry. Just take a deep breath and continue diving to the farthest point where tears and smile are made and where I am. Part of me is approaching you, whereas another part is going away – not escaping from you, but escaping to me. Since I am not two, I'll choose myself and go away. Good bye.”

She then put the letter aside and gazed toward the room's ceiling. A few hours later, ash covered the remains of her letter in a thick wastebasket whose silver sides were accustomed to such burning. As his arms surrounded her waist, she gave him an urgent kiss and then looked in his eyes, saying, “I love you so much.”