US Aircraft Carrier Cruises The Red Sea [Archives:2000/09/Front Page]

February 28 2000

Yemeni Staff Brigadier General Abdul Aziz Thehab, Deputy Chief of Staff for Planning and Armament and Staff Brigadier General Abdulla Ahmed Al-Basha, Deputy Commander of the Airforce, and other high-ranking military officials paid a visit to the USS John F. Kennedy, now cruising the Red Sea. The Yemeni army officers were accompanied by Mr. Douglas Neumann, Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy, and LTC Robert B. Newman, the Defense and Army Attache. 
The visiting delegation listened to briefings on air operations, radar and ship operations. They had also observed the daily air exercises, including take-offs and landings. RADM ”Carlos” Johnson, Commander of Carrier Group Six hosted a lunch in their honor. 
The Kennedy aircraft carrier has just finished a tour of duty in the Arabian Gulf, where it has contributed to regional security and stability, and is now returning to its home base in the US. 
On the other hand Aden Sea port on Saturday morning, February 26 received a Dutch warship for fuelling and left the port before sunset. 
Western and U.S. warships’ visits come within the military facilities which Yemen is offering to these countries.