US ambassador lays foundation stone for US-funded projects in Al-Jawf [Archives:2004/750/Front Page]

June 28 2004

US Ambassador Edmund J. Hull visited the governorate of Al-Jawf on Monday June 21, in the company of the Minister of Health and Population Dr. Mohammad Al-Nomi, for the cornerstone dedication of US funded health projects there. Both officials were met by the Governor of Al-Jawf, Brigadier Mansor Ahmed Saif in Al-Hazm on their arrival in the province.
The ambassador, the minister and the governor participated in the dedication of the renovation and equipping of the Al-Khalag Health Center and participated in a cornerstone dedication of a health office and a mother and child health center in the government compound in Al-Hazm. Other US-funded development projects were dedicated in several district of Al-Jawf including al-Matoon, al-Matama, al-Zahir, al-Homaidat, Rajooza, and Kharab al-Marashi.
Afterwards, the three officials held a meeting at the governor's office attended by governorate's officials and local council members, discussing the various needs of the governorate of Al-Jawf. Ambassador Hull mentioned that the areas of health, education and agriculture are the main focus of the US funding in Al-Jawf. He talked about how the US government can contribute to the growth and development of Al-Jawf through its efforts to develop health and education services in disadvantaged areas to help create job opportunities and benefit the Yemeni community.
It is worth mentioning that US assistance in Al-Jawf is spread over various projects including the construction of health units, schools, water dams and infrastructure projects at a total cost of about US$ 8 million. These projects, which will serve the people of al-Jawf, will be implemented by the Public Works Project and the Social Fund for Development (SFD).
In a brief meeting with journalists, Ambassador Hull affirmed that the aim of the US assistance in Yemen is the development and stability of the Yemeni people and that Al-Jawf is not the only Yemeni governorate that benefits from US funding. “Other disadvantaged governorates such as Amran, Shabwa and Marib also receive US aid, where the focus is on the areas of health, agriculture and education” Ambassador Hull added.