US Delegation visits Yemen [Archives:2004/770/Local News]

September 6 2004

A high-level delegation from the US ministry of defense visits Yemen this week to hold discussions concerning the US and Yemeni defense ministries. The discussions will focus on the bilateral cooperation based on defense and security aspects, as well as improving them, exchanging experiences and combating terrorism.
This visit comes at a time during which Yemeni- American relations are experiencing progress, particularly in supporting and training special forces commanded by Colonel Ahmad Ali Saleh, supporting and improving the Military Institute for Languages (MIL), and the deployment of Yemeni coast guards.
The American Deputy Secretary of State for Political and Military Affairs visited Yemen last Wednesday. He met president Saleh and a number of officials and stated that U.S.A. will cancel the embargo of selling arms and military equipment to Yemen imposed during 1994 war in Yemen.
A source in Yemeni ministry of foreign affairs denied that the meeting with US officials will take into consideration handing over the first suspect involved in bombing the USS Cole in Aden and who is currently detained in U.S. The court will adjourn the case file for next Wednesday.
The U.S. will continue to support Yemen especially in areas of military and security aspects and combating terrorism.
On the other hand, the Chinese Foreign Minister will arrive in Yemen next Wednesday and meet with a number of Yemeni officials to hold discussions on issues concerning the two countries.
“The discussions will concentrate on meetings and protocols signed by the two countries in different areas,” said the same source adding that the discussions will cover a number of subjects regarding regional and international issues and reciprocating views about them like the Palestinian issue, the situation in Iraq and security in the region.
It seems that Yemen is establishing relations with super-powerful countries such as Russia, China and other western counties visited by President Saleh like the USA and UK.