US Embassy Commemorates September 11 Terrorist Attacks [Archives:2001/51/Front Page]

December 17 2001

The US Embassy in Sana’a commemorated last Tuesday the third anniversary of September 11 terrorist attacks which victimized citizens of 90 countries.
The Remembrance Ceremony was attended by the US Ambassador, Edmund J. Hull American and Yemeni officials, diplomatic representatives of those countries which also lost citizens in the attacks, and the family of the Yemeni-American who was killed in the attack.
As a gesture of respect for the victims of the attack and their families, and as a symbol of the determination of Yemen and the United States to work together to fight international terrorism, the national anthems of Yemen and the United States were played at 4:46 p.m., the time when the first hijacked civilian airplane was flown into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City, killing almost 4,000 innocent people.
The US Ambassador to Sana’a, Edmund J. Hull delivered a speech paying tribute to the victims of the US September 11 terrorist acts. He highly appreciated the role of Yemen in supporting and protecting Embassies and foreign guests in Yemen. “We need to acknowledge the efforts of those who have responded to this crisis not just the police in Manhattan, but also the Yemeni security guards that have protected Embassies and foreign guests throughout Sana’a; not just the airport security in Paris or in London, but also the security services screening persons at Sana’a airport”, he said.