US Embassy Hosts Yemeni Medical Community Appreciation Dinner [Archives:2003/695/Local News]

December 18 2003

The U.S. Embassy sponsored a dinner at the Waleema Restaurant on December 10 in appreciation of the Yemeni Medical Community.
Nearly fifty members of the Yemeni medical community attended the function, during which twenty awards were presented to physicians for providing support and often lifesaving interventions to the Yemeni and American employees of the U.S. Embassy during the previous two years.
Ambassador Edmund J. Hull officiated at the ceremony. Minister of Health Dr. Mohammed Yahya Al-Noami received the first award for his Ministry's efforts in support of the Embassy. The minister expressed appreciation for the US Embassy's assistance for health improvement projects in Yemen and noted the U.S. government's funding for the equipment in the new President's Hospital in Mareb.
Dr. Mohammed Sheik, Director of Saber Aden Hospital was honored for his help in providing aid to the victims of the injured US service members in the USS Cole attack in October 2001.
Dr. Curt Hofer, Regional Medical Director of the U.S. Embassy thanked the doctors for their assistance in caring for sick American officials and Yemeni patients, adding that the many members of the medical community present were representative of the good physician infrastructure in Yemen.
Source: Press Release from US Embassy