US Embassy Refutes Local Press Assertion of Appointed New Ambassador [Archives:2000/08/Front Page]

January 21 2000

The US Embassy in Sana’a confirmed in a press release that the Government of Yemen has granted “no objection” for the nomination of Ms. Marjorie Ransom as  the next Ambassador to Yemen. The Embassy clarified that Ms. Ransom must still be formally nominated by President Clinton and, more importantly, must under their Constitution, receive the consent of the U.S. Senate. The release indicated that there was no way to predict how long this process may take and it was inappropriate for them to speculate and that US ambassadors were the representatives of the US President; the senate’s role was that of confirmation only. 
If she is confirmed by the Senate, Ms. Ransom will be expected to arrive sometimes the coming summer to replace 

Ambassador Barbara Bodine whose normal tour of duty is tentatively scheduled to end this summer. The release confirmed that that was normal and expected and that all career diplomats serving as ambassadors around the world who arrived at their posts anytime in 1997 were scheduled to be transferred this summer. The release came in response to a 26th September Newspaper article which had announced the Yemeni Government approval of the new Ambassador before, in fact, the formalities had even been finalized in the USA.