US Offers Handsome Assistance to Yemen President Saleh to Visit USA on Nov. 27 [Archives:2001/46/Front Page]

November 12 2001

President Ali Abdullah Saleh has officially announced that he will visit the USA on November 27.
Official sources said Saleh Bush meeting in the White House on November 27 will focus mainly on cooperation between Yemen and the USA in fighting terrorism. Political observers believe the timing of the visit, which was first announced by the USA, during the holy month of Ramadhan at a time the USA strikes on Afghanistan continue will put Saleh, who wanted to make the visit after Ramadhan, in a difficult situation. Observers view the visit as a positive indication of good cooperation on terrorism. Reliable sources told Yemen Times that the Yemeni authorities control security shortcomings mainly in the tribal areas, which the government cannot put under control. The sources said the USA agreed to qualify the special task forces and to train their personnel. The US also pledged to help establish the marine patrol forces to prevent the flow of outlaws and terrorists into the country. Again, the US also will undertake development projects in remote tribal areas, roots of kidnappings and lawlessness. This American tendency has been spelled out by the visit of the US Ambassador, Edmund J. Hull to the governorate of Amran, a tribal area which staged massive demonstrations last month to protest the US strikes against Afghanistan. He also stressed the strong link between security and development in a seminar hosted by Yemen Times last week. Observers believe the USA is to increase its aid to Yemen as a reward for its cooperation with the US to curb terrorism. Saleh’s last visit to the White House was in January 1999.