US policies going the wrong direction [Archives:2002/07/Focus]

February 11 2002

By Ahmed Mohiaddin

From the latest visits of Antony Zinni to some Mideast regions, to statements of George W. Bush demanding Yasser Arafat stop so-called terrorism, it appears that the US policies towards the region are moving in the wrong direction.
It is strange that instead of condemning the daily killing of Palestinians, and the destruction of their properties, the US administration is encouraging the Israeli government to go on with its aggression.
Some officials of the US administration dont seem to realize that their unfair policy towards the Palestinian cause and Ariel Sharons brutal crimes adds insult to injury.
Its hard to know the reasons for such criminal acts. No one knows what the US administration intends to do either.
The US has been putting pressure on the Palestinian national authority to prevent and stop more violent attacks against the Israelis. However, the whole world has heard, and, of course, realized that it is Sharon who commits these aggressive acts: killings, assassinations, kidnappings and destruction of houses. Meanwhile the US goes on condemning the targeting of Israeli soldiers. And settlers are turning a deaf ear to crimes and savage acts launched by the Zionists against the Palestinians.
The US position is hardly new. Still, the majority of Arabs and Muslims consider it unacceptable. They also dont accept the American stand towards the peace process, which lately has become more ambiguous.
The Arabs and Muslims are not asking for the impossible. Justice between the dominating and the dominated, between the perpetrators and their victims is all they desire.
The US is in a position to pressure the Israelis to stop their daily attacks against the powerless Palestinians.
But, it seems, the strong Israeli lobby in the US ministries of Defense and Interior and the US Intelligence, which in-turn greatly affects American presidents attitudes towards Israel, has prevented George W. Bush from performing his duties in relation to the conflict in the Mideast.
The US Administrations role in the Mideast should be that of a mediator.
It needs to realize the danger of Israeli military schemes. If it doesnt, itshould then be held accountable. Otherwise, the stability of not only the region, but the world may be threatened.