US State Dept on Human Rights in Yemen: “Violations continue unabated” [Archives:1999/09/Front Page]

March 1 1999

There is increasing worldwide criticism of human rights violations in the Republic of Yemen. Although the authorities continue to state their commitment to respect for human rights, the practice is a totally different matter. The problem seems to be the “inability and/or unwillingness of the top politicians to control the security officers, especially those working in criminal investigations and political security,” according to the annual human rights report for 1998 released by the US State Department on Friday, February 26th, 1999.
Meanwhile, Amnesty International, the London-headquartered world organization, which has also expressed concern over the human rights situation in Yemen, will soon be sending yet another fact-finding mission to the country. It will discuss the implementation of its previous recommendations with Yemeni officials, and will monitor the situation here closely.
The Middle East division of Human Rights Watch, the New York based international organization, is also planning to send a delegation to Yemen. It too will assess the development of the human rights situation in Yemen.
The US State Department report lists a number of serious human rights violations in Yemen during 1998. The full text of the report can be read online at
The Yemen Times reproduces its main sections on Report Page