US to support electronic-education [Archives:2003/662/Local News]

August 25 2003

Sana'a, August 23 – A press conference was held in Sana'a last week by the US Embassy's John Balian along with AMIDEAST Director focusing on the new projects to be implemented in Yemen concerning electronic education.
The E-education project is to be financed by the government of the USA, which will establish about 25 computer labs in a number of cities in the Republic of Yemen including Sana'a, Aden, Mareb, Shabwa, al-Jawf, Sada'a, Amran, Taiz, and Hodiedah.
A new advanced communication network will be set up to enable students in cities or villages to use internet to improve their educational capabilities and to be able to communicate with others and make friendships with students in Yemen and the world.
Special focus will be put on direct communication links between certain Yemeni schools and their counterparts i the USA.
Phase one of the project is expected to be inaugurated in Sana'a on October 5.