US-Yemeni Military Access Agreement [Archives:1998/17/Front Page]

April 27 1998

The military access agreement is only one of the high points in a rising level of military cooperation between the two countries. On May 3rd, the Mount Vernon, pictured above, is expected to call on Aden. It is more than a year ago when the Haliburton called on Aden in April 1997. “If the seaport infrastructure improves, more US ships will call on Yemeni ports,” said Colonel Teddy Seel, military attache at the US embassy.
At a third level, General Anthony Zinni, Commander of the Central Command Theater, plans to visit Yemen late in May. The visit, originally scheduled for February 10th, had been postponed due to tension over alleged Iraqi lack of compliance with UN Security Council resolutions and subsequent US military build-up in the region.
Earlier this year, the Yemeni Government appointed a military attache at its embassy in Washington. “The purpose is to better enable Yemen to obtain its needs of spare parts and other military hardware,” said a source at the President’s office.
Finally, a group of Pentagon officers have just concluded a visit to Yemen. The team – headed by Colonel Peter Owen – was setting up shop at Aden and Sanaa as part of a US project valued at $ 5 m for demining efforts.