USA Congress Hosts the YCHR [Archives:2000/07/Local News]

February 14 2000

The U.S. Congress hosted, last Thursday, the opening of the Yemeni Center of Heritage and Research chaired by the Islamic intellectual, Zaid bin Ali Al-Wazir. The inauguration was attended by a large number of Capital Hill officials, assistants of the House of Representatives, and a number of ambassadors and diplomats including a representative from the Yemeni Embassy there.
Opening of the centre was in cooperation with the Islamic Institute in Washington. Many observers have considered the activity as a rising trend of the political and scientific activity of the Arab and Islamic community in the U.S.
The centre opening ceremony was permeated with a number of speeches given by representatives of the centre and diplomats. All of them have expressed their satisfaction at the establishment of the Centre, considering it a distinguished addition to the Yemeni cultural activity in the U.S.