USA hails Yemen in its ‘war against terror’ [Archives:2003/635/Local News]

May 12 2003

In its statement reviewing Patterns of Global Terrorism, the US government hailed Yemen's cooperation in the “war against terror”. The statement released by the US Department of State highlighted the close level of cooperation between the United States and Yemen in counter terrorism efforts.
“The Government of Yemen has continued a broad counter terrorism campaign against al-Qaeda and suspected al-Qaeda members within its territory nd provided excellent cooperation with the United States.” the report said.
This comes in a time Yemen is continuing its campaign to arrest al-Qaeda suspects, including 10 escapees who fled a prison in Aden a few weeks ago.
The US Embassy noted in a press release issued last week that “during Vice President's Cheney's visit to Sanaa in March 2002, President Saleh stated that Yemen is determined “to be an active counter terrorism partner.” “
“Since September 2001, Yemen has tightened security at its borders by installing the Terrorist Interdiction Program at most border crossings, improved its visa procedures, and worked to enhance its intelligence, military and law-enforcement cooperation with the U.S.” The press release said.