USA hands over 4 boats to coast guards [Archives:2005/882/Front Page]

October 3 2005

Ridhwan Al-Saqqaf
SANA'A- Oct.2- A ceremony was held last Saturday on the occasion of handing over 4 boats, which are 25 feet long (8 m).

The American ambassador in Sana'a H.E. Thomas C. Krajeski, handed over this present and said in his speech that the amount of American aid to the coast guard reached $18 million since 2000.

He added that these aids strengthened the security measures in the coasts of Aden, Hodidah, Saleef Makha and Shagrah. It is aiming at preventing terrorists' work and the smuggling of weapons and drugs.

USA has also given Yemen eight secondhand boats of 44 feet

(14.5 m) and another two boats of the same size are expected to come next December.

The Yemeni Admiralty also received maintenance equipments for those boats. These consist of cranes and 5 mobile servicing cars.

The ceremony was attended by the commander of American troops in the African Horn and the Yemeni Admiralty Commander, in addition to a number of officers.