USA Mourns USSCole Victims [Archives:2001/42/Local News]

October 15 2001

The USA mourned on Friday October 12th the 17 American marines killed one year ago on the USS Cole Destroyer bombed at Aden Seaport. The incident hit one of the most sophisticated U.S. warships. Now tracking down those who masterminded the attack is one of the goals of the U.S.’s campaign against terrorism. Six suspects presumed to be involved in the USS Cole incident are to be brought to justice within the next couple of days.
Yemeni officials said Sana’a was very eager to close the file pertaining to the incident; however, it had approved the U.S. request to postpone the trial of the suspects in order to collect further information and track down more suspects.
Abdulqadir Bajammal, Prime Minister, stated that the Cole’s file had almost been completed, adding that Sana’a and Washington had been cooperating in collecting information about some people outside Yemen. Abdula al-Saeedi, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said Yemen and the USA had not yet discovered a definite link between Osama bin Laden and the USS Cole incident. Also, Rashad al-Alimi, Minister of Interior, noted that the Cole incident had mostly been completed and ready to referred to the court, adding that the American side was the one who requested the delay.