USA threatens the planet [Archives:2004/710/Last Page]

February 9 2004

By Steve Jones
[email protected]

The United States of America is the principal enemy of planetary continuity and global survival in 2004.
According to a recent study reported by the Independent newspaper of London, UK, global warming may plunge Britain into a new ice age within decades. Yet, the United States of America practically stands alone in its outright refusal to sign the Kyoto Protocols limiting global greenhouse gases into the atmosphere- of which it is THE prime contributor. Further, George W Bush has just announced a $2.4 trillion budget that proposes billions of taxpayer funds for homeland security and military expenditures while cutting deeply into environmental protection and the building of an environmentally sustainable economy.

Growing crisis
Surely, there is no greater national/international security threat to humanity than the growing global environmental crisis (of which global warming is only one facet), yet the USA under Bush and American corporate military domination blindly refuses to accept this reality even to the point of ironically threatening their own unjustified short-term financial and political power base interests in the process.
In following, the mantra of the current Bush Administration must and can therefore only be that of “going forward in full reverse.” According to Professor Noam Chomsky of MIT in the USA, “another 4 years of the same policies [of the Bush Administration] could be extremely dangerous for the country, and the world, and could cause, maybe, irreparable harm”.
Guided by fiscal irresponsibility, antiquated unilateral republican ideology, backward priorities and an unadulterated lust for temporal power, the United States of America under Bush and Co. has become the #1 threat to the Earth's short and long-term environmental security and survival.
Its time to “neutralize” this threat.