USAID: US economic assistance increased [Archives:2004/715/Local News]

February 26 2004

The representative of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to Yemen Dr. Douglas Heisler said in a press release that “American economic development assistance has been on the rise since 2001.”
Dr. Heisal mentioned that the amount of US economic development assistance for Yemen from all sources, including food aid, has increased from $26 million in 2001 to $44 million in 2004. He added that the US provided a total of $140 million in economic development assistance to Yemen over the past 4 years. These development funds are spent on programs in basic health, basic education (particularly for girls), agriculture development, and infrastructure projects throughout Yemen.
Dr. Heisler concluded that he expects that the level of US assistance will continue to increase in the future to support partnership between the peoples of Yemen and the USA.