USDA supports Makha Port [Archives:2005/814/Local News]

February 7 2005

TAIZ ) A joint meeting between Yemeni officials and the US Development Agency team was held Feb. 2 at the headquarters of Taiz Governorate.

The meeting included Judge Ahmad al-Hajiri, Governor of Taiz, Abdulmalik al-Alarashi Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, Abdulqader Hatim, Deputy Governor of Taiz for Technical and Environmental Affairs and Eng. Abdullah al-Janadi Director General of Taiz Agriculture Office as well as the US Development Agency delegation.

Matters related to the development of infrastructure of Mukha Port were discussed in the meeting, which also focused on the possibility of extending aid to education, health and veterinary sectors.

Members at the meeting discussed the possible ways for equipping the medical laboratories, vaccination and establishing a burning pool for ailing cattle.

Activating the role of veterinary quarantine was also discussed in the meeting because it is believed to make the Mukha Port a regional center for receiving cattle and exporting them at a later time.

At the beginning of the meeting, the US delegation presented the experience of the US Development Agency in extending support for a number of Third World countries.

The delegation was warmly welcomed by Judge al-Hajiri and his companions and the Taiz local council showed readiness to support functions of the agency in different aspects.