Use of Khat in Islam [Archives:2005/893/Health]

November 10 2005

People of Arabia, especially Yemeni people have become addicted of green leaf of Khat that was used by jungle people of Africa. This evil practice was established among Yemeni people for last few decades. It signs are largely visible in the nook and corners of Yemen. Addict class chewing Khat with great enthusiasm. It seems to look like an animal habit. Our religion Islam has provided us wealth of health and confers the perpetual benefits to its followers. In order to save Man form the poison of Shaitaan( evil ), Allah bestowed the shield of Sharia( Islamic Law). The foundation of Sharia is upon the Fitrat( instinct ). Shariat clarified what is Halal( permitted) and what is Haraam( forbidden ) . Every harmful explicitly declared Haraam that is in any way injurious, either physically or spiritually. How is it possible that there should be no clear injunction for a thing which is injurious to human health? Khat users for a justification of the use argue that there is no clear injunction of the Quran in this respect. This lame excuse is not only an admission of ignorance with the Quran, but also a declaration of revolt against this Comprehensive Code of Life. Quran says: each wet and dried thing is available in the Sunna. How is it possible that while science explains the side effects and harms of khat, Shariat do not guide in this regard. Ignorant with the instructions of Islam should know that the Creator has declared forbidden use of everything which is injurious for the health of human being. It is mentioned in Surat al Airaff, Ayat No. 157, “For them (people) pious things have been made Halal and impious things declared Haraam”. Therefore according to Islam no impious thing can be forbidden till the Qiyamat. Khat has a foul smell, unpleasant taste, and is harmful to the body. This is sufficient to forbid it, because prophet Mohammed says: Who will enjoin upon them the doing of what is right, forbid them the doing of what is wrong, make lawful to them the good things of life, prohibit for them the evil things, and lift from them their burdens and the shackles that were (previously) upon them. This Hadith draw the attention of those who try to find a lame justification for the use of khat. prophet Mohammed bestowed a principle on which we can examine each and everything. “Even small quantity of that thing is also forbidden which excessive produces intoxication” (Masnad Ahmad bin Hanbal). A Hadith says: “Every intoxicating thing is forbidden and if its excess use causes intoxication, its use even in a small quantity is forbidden”, (“Durre Mukhtaar, vol. 5, Kitab ul Mashrabah, by Umm ul Mumeneen Umme Salma). Another Hadith says: “All those things are forbidden which intoxicate”. According to the Hadith Literature, prophet Mohammed has clarified Khamar is forbidden . Khamar means not only Alcoholic Drinks but every intoxicating thing is included in the definition of Khamar, which is forbidden . This clarification is an enough evidence for the class that wish to understand. khat is an intoxicant, if anybody has doubts whether khat is harmful or not, he may submit Khat for laboratory examination. People using khat are habituated to it and continue to make an increase in its doze day by day. Eventually the result is that without Khat their seances do not function properly and they can not do anything without it. Use of a cursed thing like khat is extravagance in the language of Quraan and also foolishness, and ignorance. User of Khat wastes his wealth and in return he gets nothing but harms and financial crises. He will be asked about his health and wealth and how he spent it, as it is cited in the Hadith. Wealth belongs to Allah, so one should be dare to waste it in disobedience to Him? Quraan says: And do not entrust to the imprudent ones the possessions that Allah has placed in your charge. And do not waste (your resources) extravagantly. Prophet Mohammed said: Allah hates three things: gossips, begging, and wasting money. It is essential, to prevent its users from entering mosque, because it's bad smell is even worst than of onion and garlic, users of those had been expelled from the mosque by the explicit instructions of prophet Mohammed who expelled those who had come to the mosque after eating onion and garlic, even when these things are allowed , because their bad smell was unbearable to the nearby. As per Hadith, “One who believes in Allah should not cause any discomfort to those around him”. The instructions of Islam are based on the principle that “Do not cause discomfort to anybody nor allow anybody discomfort to you i.e. do not harm anybody nor let anybody harm you. Who can deny that Khat isn't harmful for health? Prophet Mohammed says: “Allah dislikes three things in His creatures the most:

(1) To talk on Religious issues undeservedly.

(2) Wastage of money and belongings.

(3) Questioning frequently without any aim or objective”.

Using Qaat is really wastage of money and to argue for a justification of its use tantamount to irrelevant talk. In another verses of Quran , it has been stated that “eat and drink but do not be extravagant because Allah does not like the extravagant”. It is a matter of great sorrow that women are involved in this bad habit. Prophet Mohammed says, “When you indulge in sins, conceal them”. Openly using Khat is not a sign of cultured class but is an open act of sin, which destroy the health and wealth both. Instead of taking khat take fruits for family and yourself, that provides you better result. Following the practice of elite-class in evil acts is sin that provide you in return nothing but adversity

Khat users say that they have become so habituated to chewing it that they cannot live without it. While in Ramazan, for long interval, habitual remain free from chewing khat, why cannot they live without it in other days? No body will die without chewing khat!

The principles of Islam are not confined to time or location, community or vicinity, but its benefits for all to come. The principles of Shariat cannot be changed neither be reform as Agent of Shaitaan demanded again and again. Quraan guide on this point and says: “You would never find any change in Sunnatullah (the commandments of Allah)””. Qaat is such a cursed kills slowly and gifted cancer. Chewing Qaat is an attempt of suicide