Using liquefied gas for power production,New Yemeni strategy [Archives:2003/642/Business & Economy]

June 19 2003

Yemen Times Staff
The Yemeni government has drawn up a new strategy according to which it is going to change to the liquefied gas for producing energy and began implementation of building Mareb station with a production capacity ranging between300-400 megawatt, with frequency lines amounting to 400 kilovolt. To speed up implementation of the project the government approved an agreement of the special loan signed between Yemen and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development to contribute to funding the project with KD 25 million, approximately $84 million. The overall cost of the project of building a gas power generating station in Mareb reaches $153 million, to which the Saudi Fund for Development contributes with $ 50 million. Yemen contributes to the project with $ 19 million. The project is considered a beginning for carrying out the strategy of increasing energy in the country.
The strategy aims at increasing the exploitation of energy in Yemen to about 2300 megawatt during the coming years. Mareb station is the beginning of realizing that target. Rural areas and a large number pf Yemeni cities need providing electric power as there are many factories whose building and basic structure are complete but waits for being supplied with energy for operation. Investors say finishing the gas power project in Mareb would contribute to develop the infrastructure necessary for investment in the country especially that the project would serve many areas and cities, including the capital.
The capital is at present suffering from acute shortage in electric power a matter making the Mareb project for gas energy a priority the government endeavors to accomplish without any delay.