Uzbekistani Lady Appeals to Human Rights Organizations [Archives:2000/18/Local News]

May 1 2000

Exclusive (YT) – An Uzbekistani Lady named Esveit Lana Kadrova and is a mother of three children appeals to human rights organizations to help her and her two-year son in their misery. After divorcing her, her husband who is from Lahj, forced her to the streets. She could get nothing from her husband so as to continue living. Now she is living in one of her friend’s flat and can not afford the expenses of buying milk for her child, let alone the expenses of the flight back home.
She had already resorted to the Russian Consulate in Aden to help her in her tragedy. After referring to the Russian Embassy in Sana’a, the ambassador gave orders not to help her under the pretext that she has not got the Russian nationality.
Ms. Kadrova said that she was not even able to afford the travel cost to Sana’a to explain her plight to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.