Vacant local councils seats elections [Archives:2003/676/Local News]

October 13 2003

Sana'a, 11 Oct._ Mr. Abdu al-Janadi head of the information and awareness sector at the supreme committee for elections confirmed last Sunday that the committee was preparing for holding by-elections for local councils vacant seats. The elections will include the vacant seats due to the death or resignation of local councils members.
Names of the primary committee members who will run the election process will be announced mid of this month and they will be called to the training centers at the capital secretariat on the 27th of this month for instructions.
Al-Janadi in a press statement pointed out that the elections will not be any different from the previous ones and will take the same procedures of nomination period, campaigning period, voting and vote-counting and finally a period for appeals and challenges. All political parties will be invited to participate.
The supreme committee for elections had decided the time schedule for the mentioned elections in its regular meeting last month. And it assigned the legal, the technical sectors and the secretariat to take required measures for executing the program. The number of seats under question has reached 24 over the governorates and 60 others in the districts.