Vaccination against infantile paralysis goes on [Archives:2005/833/Local News]

April 14 2005

The ministry of health and population inaugurated on Monday April 11 the national campaign for immunizing infants against paralysis at al-Sab'een Hospital in the presence of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Minister of Health and Population Dr. Yahya al-No'mi confirmed the campaign aims, in its first and second round, to vaccinate around 5 million infants under the age of 5.

Al-No'mi asserted the medical campaign will be implemented across the republic with the aim to encounter the regional situation after the emergence of the infantile paralysis virus in Sudan.

The first round of the vaccination comes, as a completion of the conditions and technical standards.

It is also for obtaining the international declaration for the eradication of infantile paralysis virus in Yemen.

The first round was implemented by nearly 34 thousands of health recruits and volunteers in 14,692 stations.

The UNICEF contributed great support to the campaign.