Various disciplines representedCanadian team to train leaders [Archives:2004/715/Health]

February 26 2004

A seven person multidisciplinary team of Canadian experts is soon on its way to Yemen to support several local objectives focusing on building stronger female leaders in Yemen.
The Bridges Team will be led by Donna Kennedy-Glans, Executive Director, and will be supported by Canadian experts in public health medicine, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatric and emergency nursing, management training for teams and gender expertise.
Team members include: Dr. David Swann; Dr. Suzanne Morris; Susan Rawding; Alexis Mageau; Linda Wilder; Jennifer Hatfield.

Teamwork training
The first priority of the Bridges Team is to “train trainers” within the Yemeni Ministry of Public Health. The objective of this training will be support the Ministry's training of newly established, multidisciplinary regional healthcare teams.
Three-day training modules have been developed by Bridges' experts over the past eight months in collaboration with ministry personnel, and have been translated by the Yemeni Training Team.
Training of the Ministry's training team will take place in Sana'a.
The Canadian and Yemeni teams will then move to Aden to implement training for the benefit of the local regional health team.
Training workshops are interactive in nature; focus on multidisciplinary responses to maternal mortality and epidemics.
Follow up training sessions are scheduled for the fall of 2004 in the interior and exterior Hadhramout region.
Nexen Inc. has funded the costs of airfares for the Bridges Team. The Ministry of Public Health is the local sponsor.

Inspiring women
As a follow-up to the Inspiring Women in Healthcare workshops conducted throughout Yemen in January 2003, Bridges and local Yemeni women in healthcare leaders will facilitate and lead two meetings in Sana'a.
A small meeting of women leaders in healthcare, including women from the regions, has been organized for March 6th.
A follow up meeting with key stakeholders to discuss priorities and identify next steps is scheduled for March 7th. Yemeni Ministry sponsors include the Minister of Human Rights and the Minister of Public Health.
Bridges provides funding to support these meetings. Local women leaders, including Dr. Jamila Al-Raiby, have donated their time to support organization of the meetings.

Women in law and media
At the invitation of the Yemeni Minister of Human Rights, Reem Abdulla of Aden has agreed to partner with Bridges in the launch of discussions on an inspiring women in law/judiciary initiative in Yemen. Working together, we have identified a small number of people to meet in Aden on March 13th to discuss a framework for an inspiring women in law initiative. The Yemeni Minister of Justice is also a local Yemeni partner in support of this initiative. Bridges' Team includes the expertise of a Canadian PhD in gender work, with a specialty in women in law.
Bridges has been invited by the UNESCO Chair of Communication Technology and Journalism for Women to support the UN's work with women in media in the region.
The NCHRDD in Yemen has identified media as a priority. Bridges will meet with the NCHRDD and the Minister of Human Rights to discuss the benefits of extending application of an Inspiring Women in Media initiative to Yemen.
Bridges has several very well respected Canadian media experts who are interested in supporting this engagement, including two senior women (magazine editor and news anchor) and a senior male documentary/film expert and educator.
Bridges' motivation is to support professional women in defining their role in media, and to support the media's representation and communication of the priorities of local women.