Various Yemeni Sports Leaders Present Optimistic Picture for 1998 [Archives:1997/52/Sports]

December 29 1997

A year passed and another comes. Nobody knows whether the Yemeni sports is making progress or falling behind? So we should ask what the sportsmen and women want and what their ambitions are? What do the officials at the Ministry of Youth and Sports offer for them? What are the achievements of Yemeni sports and do we aspire to more achievements in 1998? Yemen Times met several sportsmen and some officials at Ministry of Youth and Sports and filed the following interviews:
1- Ahmed Al-Dhalayi, Youth and Sports Office director in Aden said; “Sport in Aden has special characteristic where we support athletics in schools and clubs and finance various activities and sports championships. The sports condition will improve in 1998 taking into consideration that the 22th of May stadium would be inaugurated at the beginning of next year. Also, several summer courses will be held.”
2- Abdulah Al-Kebsi, the Deputy Secretary of the Yemen Olympic Committee said; “1997 was full of sport achievements when the athletics race course was opened. Yemen participated in the Arab tournament in Lebanon and won the silver medal. Yemen also won a golden medal in Taekwondo at the West Asian Championship which was held in Iran. Also, the Closed Training Hall was opened through the support of the Japanese embassy in Sanaa and the Olympic Center. In my view, 1998 will be full of sports achievements and we hope that the Ministry of Youth and Sports will increase its support.”
3- Samir Al-Aqar, the Sports Activities General Manager at Sanaa University said; “There are many deficiencies in university sports activities. During the past years, no support was given to university sports activities. We urge Sana’a University officials to recognize the importance of sports activities for university student. We hope that there is a fruitful cooperation between coaches and referees as needed by the university.” (Yemen Times will run a detailed survey of the sports problems at Sanaa University and see why there are prersistent problems in spite of handsome allocations.)
4- Mohammed Abdulwali, the advisor to the Minister of Youth and Sports said; “Considerable sports achievements were realized in 1997, especially in the ultrastracture. 1997 witnessed the inauguration of the Sports Education Institute and the sports hall which began to host some championships. The Physical Education High Institute received the second group of students and there were training courses held in coordination between the Olympic Committee and sports associations and for coaches and referees.” The official further indicated that many of the projects of the Ministry of Youth and Sports will reach culmination point during 1998. “We have many projects which will be completed next year and out work will then show to the public.”
5- Mohktar Hameed Saif, a Karate coach in Taiz said; “The Ministry of Youth and Sorts can realize some of its ambitions. The Ministry provided some financial support to sports clubs and federations. I hope that these will be put to good use in various planned activities. I also hope that the low-level status of coaches will be reconsidered so that they may be treated according to their abilities and certificates not to educational certificates.”
6- Yusif Saleh Mohammed, a boxing champ said; “The Ministry of Youth and sports paid attention to some games and disregarded others. The ministry officials did not pay field visits to the clubs to see the conditions of sports games but they relied on reports. We hope, in 1998, that all sports are treated equally.” Boxing is a quickly growing sport in the country, in part thanks to the effective role model of Prince Naseem to Yemen youth.