Verdict againstJarallah’s killer postponed [Archives:2003/643/Front Page]

June 19 2003

Mohammed Al-Qadhi
The North Sana'a Court decided last Sunday to postpone the issuance of the sentence against the suspected killer of the socialist leader Jarallah Omar as advocates of the family of Omar requested the court to listen to more hearings concerning this political crime which took place December 28, 2002. The Court Judge Abdulrahman Jahaf decided to postpone the verdict which was supposed to be passed last Sunday as seven advocates of the family of YSP Assistant Secretary General Jarallah Omar appealed to the judge to open the case file for further hearing concerning the family's rights in the case. Jahaf decided to give advocates a chance to review the file of the investigations with the suspected assassin Ali Ahmad Jarallah and make their presentation next Sunday.
A heated argument took place between the prosecutor Saeed al-Akil and the advocates of Omar's family. The advocates demanded that the prosecution should enable them to study the file of the investigations and interrogations conducted with the suspected assassin and his gang's members.
However, the prosecutor insisted that the court should listen to their appeal as some of them already studied the file of the case. However, advocates demanded to be given enough time which the judge accepted.
The session was held amid stiff security measures to the extent that some journalists and lawyers were irritated by security officers who checked them very carefully for three times before entering the court hall. The session was attended by a number of opposition leaders to show solidarity with the socialist party and the family of Omar. The suspected assassin who attended the session with other two suspects refused to comment or say anything when asked by the judge.
The YSP and Omar's family protested last April against the trial of Ali Jarallah as they believe that thorough investigations into the crime have not been completed yet. They demanded that investigation should unveil the accomplices of the killer and the motives behind the assassination.
The prosecution already disclosed that Ali Jarallah and other suspects formed a gang to carry out murders against a number of politicians, writers and journalists, members of al-Buhrah religious sect and missionaries. It was found that Abed al-Kamil who was convicted with killing the American doctors, did his crime in agreement with Ali Jarallah