Vice Chairman of the Committee for Protecting Journalists in Yemen Disappointment in the Government, Encouragement for the Journalists [Archives:1999/29/Front Page]

July 19 1999

Last Wednesday Morning, Mr. Terry Anderson, Vice Chairman of the New York-based Committee for Protecting Journalists (CPJ) arrived in Yemen on a one day visit. Upon his arrival, Mr. Terry explained that the main objective of his visit was to discuss the latest attacks against journalists and against freedom of the press in Yemen. Mr. Terry met with Prime Minister Dr. Abdulkareem Al-Iryani, Deputy PM, and Foreign Minister Abdulkadir Bajammal. 
In a press conference held Wednesday evening at the Sheraton Hotel, Mr. Terry expressed his happiness at the sentiments expressed to him by government officials: “We are committed to the freedom of press and democracyÉ We are ready to act in response to any report of violations against journalists.” He stressed the importance of practice rather than talk: “Fine words are fine, decisive action is better.”However, he also expressed his disappointment and concern over the government’s insistence at continuing to file cases against any journalist or newspaper that reports what is thought by the government to be “false, deceptive” information. He also explained to the media that they should continue their accurate, courageous, and controversial reporting, and never fear pressure from anyone, including the government, and they will keep an eye on the government and its promises.  More on the conference