Vice president buys 2 million YR dummy to support cancer patients [Archives:2006/968/Local News]

August 31 2006

SANA'A, 27 JULY ) Vice president Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi bought a doll on Thursday worth YR 2 million to support cancer patients' centers.

Hadi declared his will to buy the doll in a ceremony held in Sana'a to launch the fourth national campaign to support Cancer Treatment Centers in Yemen. the ceremony, which was attended by a number of ministers, representatives and owners of charities became a welfare auction when a child who suffers from cancer presented the doll for attendants to buy so that he can help his family who are unable to buy expensive medicine for him any more, and immediately the audience asked that the doll be presented in an auction. As the auction was opened, the businessman Ahmad Ba-Zarah presented YR100.000. Then the cost of the doll was on track to increase. Then vice president paid YR 2 million, thus ending the auction.

In the ceremony, the chairman of the Charitable Establishment for the Support of Cancer Patients Center Abdul Wase Hayel Sayeed Ana'am said that the donations last year reached to YR 300,000,000(three hundred million) and the president has donated YR 500,000,000. He also pointed out the role of the Establishment in providing the National Cancer Center in Aljumhori hospital in Sana'a and two other units with medications and equipments and supporting limited incomes families.

There is a constant increase of cancer infection in Yemen, confirmed the manger of the National Cancer center Dr. Nadeem Saeed who added that the center is- every day- receiving high numbers of patients from different governorates that exceeds the capacity of the center, referring to the plan of the government to open five other centers in Taiz, Aden, Alhudida, Ibb and the municipality.

Health and Population Minister Dr.Abdulkarim Rasea insisted on the importance of the cooperation between the private sector and the government in the fight against cancer. He revealed that the government will offer a bid later this year for the purchase of medical equipment that will help in treating 2000 patients within the country and will reduce the expenses of traveling abroad for treatment which costs the state 6 million dollars yearly.

The available studies said that that the majority of cancer cases are caused by toxic insecticides used for qat, fruits, and vegetables pointing out that the official statistics showed that nearly 20,000 cancer cases appear in Yemen annually, 12000 of these cases do not survive.