Vice President: the U.S. Understands Yemen’s Stance [Archives:2001/43/Local News]

October 22 2001

Vice President Abdurabu Mansor stressed, in a statement to 26 September weekly newspaper, the clarity of the Yemen’s stance, which rejects terrorism in all its forms. “The U.S. administration comprehends well the Yemeni stance towards international terrorism, since Yemen itself has been suffering greatly from terrorism, which President Saleh has spoken out against on several occasions,” Abdurabu added. Also, the Vice President made it clear that there should be a distinction between the struggle of nations striving to gain independence, like the case of the Palestinian people, and the slaughter of innocent civilians under the pretext of illogical justifications. The Vice President pointed out the importance of reviving Arab solidarity in light of the current circumstances, to bypass secondary disputes and taking a unified stance towards current developments.