Villagers worry over cell phone ray effects [Archives:2003/694/Local News]

December 15 2003

In a letter to the Directorate officials, Villagers of Al-Sharjah in Al-Quraishah have appealed for the relocation of a cellular telephone tower erected by one of the cellular telephone companies on the rooftop of one the buildings in their village, which has a population of about 2,000 inhabitants. In their letter, villagers stressed the importance of relocating the tower to a remote area to protect inhabitants from the GSM rays, which scientific studies show can cause cancer and impact human genetic systems.
GSM rays may also cause chronic migraines, hypertension, eye, chest and skin allergies, and psychological changes as a result of the electro-magnetic fields.
The central nervous system may also be affected and studies also indicated that these rays harm the retina, and lens.
The Ministry of Telecommunication had issued circulars attached to a ministerial decision to all governors defining the standards for erecting similar towers away from populated areas, and that a permit from the above ministry needs to be obtained. However, cellular telephone companies never complied with those standards.