Vincent Guiltat:”Yemen athletics have unique talents” [Archives:2004/750/Community]

June 28 2004

By Mohammed Saeed Al-Mekhlafi
Yemen Times Staff, Aden

Yemen Times met with Mr Vincent Guiltat, 'Charge de Mission' responsible for Youth and Sport at the French Embassy to discuss his work in Yemen:

Q: Could you give us a brief account of yourself?
A: I am Vincent Guiltat, and I came to Yemen one year ago to take charge of Sports and Youth cooperation between the French embassy and the Yemeni Ministry of Youth and Sport, holding a masters' degree in sport sciences.

Q: What is the nature of the support being given to Yemen?
A: As is well known, France and Yemen having deep relations in many educational, cultural, health fields. Concerted youth and sport cooperation started three years ago, with Yemeni Federation of Judo.
Now we try to improve this part of cooperation through offering many materials by which Yemeni athletics can cope with contemporary progress in the world of sport. In addition to that, we have held a number of symposiums including various courses focusing on Yemeni youth and sport. Last year seven French youths visited, Sana'a, Taiz, Manaka and Mokalla to takenan overall picture of ancient and historical Yemeni sites, culture and traditions which reflected a positive view of what written and spoken about Yemen in the media.

Q: Yemen has recently witnessing a significant development in sport. How do you handle that?
A: In reality is seems very difficult to me to evaluate the level of athletics in Yemen. In short they have various unique talents, but need to be extensively supported.

Q: What are your future plans?
A: We want to support women's sport because it has an important impact on health and education. We intend to hold a conference concerning women's sport, in cooperation with the Yemeni Ministry of Youth and Sport. Likewise, we will organize an international half marathon in Sana'a, in which many athletes from different countries will participate.

Q: At the end, do you want to say something to Yemen Times readers?
A: Of course, I would like to thank the Yemen Times for giving me a chance to say something important to Yemen Times readers. Sport is a cornerstone for any country.
I am very happy to work here in Yemen. When I leave Yemen, I am sure to transmit a good picture about Yemen to the French people.