Violations of Human Rights [Archives:1999/29/Local News]

July 19 1999

Over the outrageous violations of human rights made by Nagee Al-Sofee, the Governor of Sanaa, Mohammed Al-Barwee, Chairman of the Security force in Sanaa, and the Chairman of Security in the first district, Mr. Salem Omar Al-Shaiba, Chairman of the Prosecution Court of Sanaa made an appeal to the Prosecutor to discharge the violators and summon them to trial. That was noted in a report he made to high official sources and media as well. There are more than 60 people in prisons most of them are arrested without any legal charges in the governorate and in the security governorate in Sanaa. For example, Saleh Mohammed Mosed Al-Ansee who has gone on a hunger strike for five months. Shackles which are illegal are put on the legs of others.