Violence and Public Health [Archives:2005/862/Local News]

July 25 2005

Under patronage of Dr. Mohammed Yahya AL-Naeemi, the minister of Public Health and Population, a 2-day workshop was concluded on Tuesday 19 July 2005 that centered on fighting violence in Yemen and its effect on the public health.

Dr. Arwa Al-Rabee, the deputy of the ministry of public health and population, said in the opening of the workshop “Violence is an international problem that harvests annually more than million and six hundred thousand person. The violence is considered the third reasons of death among the people 15-44 years old and leads to around 14% dead among the men and %7 among women. So we have to look seriously at this problem in Yemen and try to analyze the reasons that bring about the violence and its effect on the public health and in turn on the development.”

Dr. Faiza Abdul Hameed, manger of the woman department in the public health and population, talked about the workshop “Among the goals of this workshop is to exchange experiences with the all the participating bodies that work in the field of fighting the violence in Yemen as well as launch the WHO's report to fight violence. The workshop is also to discuss the plan of the ministry of public health and population for 2006-2007 to fight violence and put a general framework for a national strategy to fight violence in Yemen through 2006-2010.

She added “Through the workshop we will define the violence and specify the reasons and causes that lead to violence in the Yemeni society in general and discuss particularly the violence against women and children and maltreatment of elderly people besides the consequences of carrying guns and using of light arms.”

Through the 2-day workshop a number of papers were presented. Dr. Mona Al-Madhawahi, representative of social affairs and labor, introduced “A brief account about the WHO report about violence and the efforts exerted for elderly people. Mr. Moneer AL-Sheehab, National Woman Committee, presented a paper entitled “The Program of the National Woman Committee in fighting violence against women”.

The Higher Council for Motherhood and Childhood gave a paper about, “Violence against children”. It was presented by Ms. Abeer Motlaq. Another paper about the “The National Program to fight Mines and Light Arms” was presented too.

The participants discussed the different reasons that lead to violence in Yemen and the efforts and procedures that should be taken by the concerned participating bodies to limit all kinds violence. The workshop came up with a number of fruitful recommendations most of which focused on the importance of building a database about the violence cases in Yemen and creating a national advocacy campaign to fight violence as well as stating laws to prevent violence and exchange regional and international experience in the field of the programs of training and rehabilitation in the field of fighting violence.