Violence Hits Donor Supported Projects [Archives:2000/10/Front Page]

March 6 2000

Last Thursday, the Small Enterprises Project, a project funded by multi-donor support and the Yemeni Government became the latest area to be hit by the violence that has racked the country. The project includes various components involving Technical Assistance support, some of which are provided by bilateral donor support. A Dutch Advisor, Mr. Jan Bol along with the Deputy Director of the project, Mr. Mohammed Haider were shot to death last Thursday, the Third of March, sometime before noon. The assailant named Abdul-Razaq Ibrahim, working as a messenger, at the main headquarters of the project, is said to be a mentally deranged person. Eyewitnesses claim that he was also searching for other victims as well, but for luckily for them, his pistol had run out of ammunition. 
The assailant surrendered himself immediately after the attack and was taken to criminal investigations for further criminal proceedings.