Vision becoming reality [Archives:2008/1171/Community]

July 10 2008

By: Somaya Al-Shameery
Sana'a University
Faculty of Education
[email protected]

In this world, we see the unbearable, the undesirable and the unbelievable. We sometimes can't find suitable terminology to help us express what we feel about our surroundings and current situations; instead, silence often is our reaction.

We as humans may encounter tempting offers or situations and we usually accept, but unfortunately, without realizing the consequences of our actions, we tend to make mistakes. This is the nature of humanity. Only one with an awakened conscience will have at least slight regret and realize what he or she has done.

However, such mistakes don't just affect us as individuals only; rather, they have major effects upon our society as a whole. This is because we are the ones who make this society; we are the decision makers.

If we do something negative, it will negatively affect our society; however, if we manage to change it from negative to positive, of course, it will have a positive affect. Most importantly, it will teach subsequent generations how to make the right decisions, how to be truthful and trustworthy and how to finish what we started, but with a clear vision of tomorrow.

We adults, adolescents, children and the elderly should be sympathetic and grateful to each other, joining our hands together to make a better society and try making our vision become reality. “We must give in order to receive.”

Remember that simply existing in this laborious and abhorrent world means you can do the impossible and the unbelievable and you can make a magnificent change from worse to better, but what's needed is the INTENTION, so you choose