Vitalizing The Cultural Activity In Aden [Archives:2001/22/Culture]

May 28 2001

In its initiative for the first time since 1990, the Ministry of Culture has decided to re-activate the cultural and artistic activity in the country and push the innovative work forward after it has been missed for several years.
For that, Minister of Culture Abdul Wahab Al-Rohani has recalled some of those who worked in this field throughout Yemen to be acquainted with the standing issues which hinder the innovative proceedings in the country.
The minister demanded that they put their visions and opinions for a forthcoming working plan by virtue of their abilities towards executing objective achievements.
Aden, one of the Yemeni governorates, has introduced its own vision which is based on presenting a monthly artistic show and a quarterly theatrical show which will be directly supported by the cultural bureau of Aden.
Its to be mentioned that the suggestions given by the bureau of Aden will contribute, in the case of being approved by the ministry, to flourishing the creative domains and giving chances to the artists as musicians, actors and private and official troupes to create and innovate more.